Some of our popular products

Sacred Art

Angelic, Ascended and Eastern Masters, Buddhist, Christian, and Hindu Sacred Art for your altar, temple, and home.  Awareness Guides.  5×7 & 8×10.

Gemstone Water Vessels

VitaJuwel, Gem Water, and Inu!
Gem Water Dispensers, Bottles, Decanters, Gem Water vials, Crystal Jars, bottle loops, carafes. 8.9 oz, 25 oz, 2 gal.

Divination Card Decks

Oracle, Mystical, Healing, Affirmation, and Wisdom Card Decks to inspire and support your journey.


Isha’s Nomadic Knotwork and precious gemstone necklaces and bracelets are made from stones, silver, gems, and artifacts.  Her jewelry is the culmination of years of wandering, working and enjoying this world.